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ELEVATE Select - Connecting Buyers and Sellers Through Information

Join the education and marketing series that connects suppliers with travel agents

ELEVATE is an ongoing, global education initiative, created with the intention of building better partnerships and solid communications between brands, destinations, and travel sellers around the world. ELEVATE is the only global webinar series that offers daily events, strategically planned to coincide with established consumer purchase patterns. 

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We'll Make You Look Amazing

Your branding and messaging is your online lifeline. We can redo your logo, your social media sites, lead magnets, marketing collateral, emails… you name it. And we have the trophy case to prove it.


we are easy to work with

 We have simple membership fees or one-time services.  From DIY options to full-service solutions, you can select the best option for you and your business.  We have a lot to offer to support your marketing, sales, and technology..


we have the tools you need

Where most associations stop at just telling you why you should be doing something, we actually give you the resources, partnerships, and custom creative to get it done.  


we're your sales and marketing lifeline

Need to increase your audience? Better connect with travel sellers?Create a marketing goal, sales initiative, ad campaign, or just have a business  issue?  We have the right business solutions, network, and partners for you.


GET The Real Deal

We’re an independently owned travel industry association – so our information is unfiltered and always unbiased.


find new partnerships

We’re connecting travel sellers and travel content creators every day. And it’s doing amazing things for their brands.

talk the talk

We’ll make sure you know what you’re talking about in your marketing and your planning (even if you don’t yet).

lose the cookie cutter

All memberships come with immediate access to unique and different tools, content, and templates.

de-mystify CONTENT strategy

You’ll learn how your content affects your ability to drive leads. And then make sure you have the right stuff moving forward.

improve your content

We’ve got all of the images, videos, documents, and other creative assets you need to help your marketing look its best.

COVID-19 Assistance

Need a resource for updates on Economic Recovery? We have contacts and connections to help you navigate the process.

The Latest From the Travel Industry

New Opportunities for Content Creators

We Are Looking For Content Creators To Host Our Upcoming August/September Elevate Series Webinars!

The Travel Industry Marketing Association (TIMA.travel) has partnered with the Travel Show Marketing Group (TravelSMG.com) to provide an ongoing series of education and training webinars to travel agents based on destinations and niche markets.

TripWriters.com will launch August 15, 2020, and we would like to include your blog at no charge.

TIMA is partnering with a new site that will allow travel agents and travel brands to more easily search for and connect with content creators. We are looking for content creators (bloggers, vloggers, podcasters) who focus on the travel industry with niche market and destination expertise.

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COVID-19 Messaging Assistance
COVID-19 Assistance

We're offering free messaging help to get you through the mountain of communications and notifications you're likely trying to get out the door. We can help.

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