10 Reasons Video Rules Travel Marketing

Is video content in your bag of marketing tools?

If not, it should be.

You’ve heard it all before – everyone else is doing it, and you should too! Well, in this case, NOT utilizing video can actually have a negative effect on your brand. Video creates the feel of transparency. People feel they’re getting to know the real you and understand who is behind the brand. That’s not to say your face should be in every video, or any of them, but starting with destination, hotel, activity, and concept videos open the door.

And then, you may find yourself greeting your site visitors with a video of you saying hello – hey, you never know! 


10 Reasons Video Rules Travel Marketing!

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1. What Better Way to Show a Travel Destination?

A simple video showing the best any one travel destination has to offer is all many need to see when wanting to travel to a new destination. People want to see what they’re in for when traveling to somewhere new, making videos that show waterfalls, forests, wildlife, beach fronts and anything that’s unusual or exotic a great way to build your business.

2. Watching Videos is Effortless.

Videos are the solution for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time reading. Many of today’s online viewers simply prefer to learn by watching content vs. reading content. And since it’s super easy for anyone to engage with videos, watchers often embed them on their own webpage, share them with others, and even add their own two cents about the video, which is exactly what you want to happen.

3. For Brand Awareness and Recognition Reasons.

Videos help build long-lasting relationships. Today’s marketing tactics are focused more than ever on creating content that engages those watching. To do this, you must make them trust you, your brand. They want to see faces, hear voices, listen to sounds. They want something different from the motionless content that’s been so commonly used until now.

4. They’re Relatable.

A top idea for making a travel marketing video? Make it relatable. Finding a way for watchers to relate to the people in a video makes them imagine themselves as the person in the video. When people relate to your videos, they’ll feel a connection. When people feel a connection, they’re more likely to remember you.

5. They’re Memorable.

People are more apt to remember watching a video vs. reading content. In fact, if you create a video with a goal of making a powerful impact on those who watch, you just may be surprised at how long the video is remembered by those who watched.

6. They’re Great for SEO.

SEO video marketing is a great way for you to improve your rankings! You’ll need to follow the latest best practices, which will help drive the organic traffic and qualified leads you’re looking for to boost your sales. One example includes creating sub-heads to the transcript, optimizing the continent in the video.

7. Because You Get to Tell a Story in a Matter of Seconds.

While any story that gathers attention is a good idea, using video to create your brand story is a great way for you to connect with your audience. Visual storytelling is a powerful marketing tool, especially for travel sellers. Travel marketing videos simply brings your digital campaigns to life.

8. You Get to Show vs. Tell.

Many travelers, especially millennials, are looking for unique and authentic traveling experiences. You can make videos that show snippets of some of the traveling experiences and destinations that must be seen, as words simply cannot do them justice.

9. Because You Can Use Influencers.

One of the newest forms of marketing includes using social media influencers. Influencers should already have a large following, so what you need to do is find one or more of these influencers whose followers are included in your target demographic. They’ll even make the video for you, for a price.

10. It’s Easy to Track Your Results.

When you utilize video content to market your business, you get access to results that let you know how many people watched your video, how much of the video they watched, and whether or not the video was responsible for any new business. You can use Google Analytics or one of the many apps now available made specifically for this reason.

Videos We Love

Convenience, Relaxation, Elegance, Occasion

The Stamford Plaza provides an intriguing introduction to four key areas that are at the top of many clients’ lists. 

Visit Orlando – In A Variety of Languages

The importance of diversity is showcased by many companies that provide videos in multiple languages to better help you help your clients.

 See and Hear What To Expect

Videos showcasing excursions and gorgeous views help to draw clients in – Text and photos are great, but video will help your clients begin to see themselves at the destination!

Cruise Descriptions Can Be a Snooze

There are so many details to provide to clients when it comes to cruising. Brief videos are a way to do so thoroughly, while keeping their attention and excitement.

Jazz Things Up A Bit

Sometimes words and pictures simply aren’t enough, for those times it’s the sounds of a town that will ignite your clients interests!

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