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Our Story

TIMA began as a crazy idea, like most things do. There was always an opportunity and a need to create a marketing association that helped travel sellers build, develop, and grow their businesses. The timing finally was right to jump into the intersection of travel sellers, travel suppliers, technology, and marketing and start working to connect the missing links in the marketplace. 

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TIMA sets the industry standard for best practices in travel marketing by capturing new data, sharing new insights, and leveling the playing field for anyone who wants their brand to have an impact and be competitive in our industry.

We'll Make You Look Amazing!

Your branding and messaging is your online lifeline. We can redo your logo, your social media sites, lead magnets, marketing collateral, emails… you name it. And we have the trophy case to prove it.

We Are Easy to Work With

We have simple membership fees or one-time services. From DIY options to full-service solutions, you can select the best option for you and your business. We have a lot to offer to support your marketing, sales, and technology..

We're Your Sales and Marketing Lifeline

Need to increase your audience? Better connect with travel sellers?Create a marketing goal, sales initiative, ad campaign, or just have a business issue? We have the right business solutions, network, and partners for you.

We Have the Tools You Need

Where most associations stop at just telling you why you should be doing something, we actually give you the resources, partnerships, and custom creative to get it done.

About Tima


There were, and continue to be, so many ways we could make selling, marketing, and business planning, a lot easier for everyone. That’s why we do our part to expand, grow, and change the opportunities – for the better – in what can be a very confusing digital marketing world.
We hope you join us on our journey to make travel business owners’ lives just a little easier and far more productive!

TIMA Solutions

Team Members

Kulin Strimbu CEO TIMA

Kulin Strimbu


Peter Strimbu


Megan Strimbu

Nicole Williamson

VP - Partner Relations

Kat Shearwood

Kat Shearwood

Marketing Operations Manager

Julia Melbos TIMA Marketing Specialist

Julia Meibos

Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Jana Arata TIMA Web and Graphic Designer

Jana Arata

Web & Graphic Designer

Featured Products

Lead Generation

Use Facebook advertising to generate new leads and let automated drip emails increase engagement and convert sales!

Email Marketing

Let us create a beautiful, engaging newsletter program for your business that keeps your existing customers engaged.

Social Media Management

Inspiration, Information, and Offer is the key to curate and convert your social subscribers.  Let TIMA manage your social media site so you can focus on selling travel!


From easy brochure websites to fully dynamic sites highlighting your destinations and suppliers, we have the right options to create a dramatic web presence!