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Our TIMA Story

TIMA began as an idea, like most things do. We toyed with the idea while still working at our other jobs, which were in other parts of the industry. Our idea had us thinking about the different ways we could make marketing a lot easier for all of us who operate somewhere within the travel industry…

Our several decades of experience working for travel agencies, travel suppliers, consortia, and more, gave us the knowledge we needed to move forward, so we did. Once we did, we quickly noticed the travel industry was in need of more marketing education, better marketing resources, and real leadership.

We want you to know that no matter what your travel industry marketing needs are, our experienced team here at TIMA is always available to help you grow your business! Ready to increase your marketing confidence, one step at a time? 


Our Vision for TIMA

We are really looking to accomplish three very simple things with TIMA. And here they are:

Provide meaningful education, resources, and support to anyone within the travel industry space who is frustrated by not having the marketing know-how, budget, or manpower to make their vision a reality. And make it happen for them.

Harness the powerful connection between travel sellers, travel content creators, and travel brands to provide the public with a better experience when it comes to planning travel. Each bring a unique set of skills to the table that can make travel better for everyone.

Set the industry standard for best practices in travel marketing by capturing new data, sharing new insights, and leveling the playing field for anyone who wants their brand to have an impact and be competitive in our industry. 

We are fully prepared to mess up in front of everyone, make mistakes that we hope others can and will learn from, and test out things that no one else will. So if you’re expecting perfection, you’re not going to get it. But you will get progress. 


Our Culture

While our venture may be new, we’ve already established ourselves with a core set of values that we take very seriously. No matter what your size or reach in the travel industry, every decision you make should be guided by an approach that brings out the best in everyone. 


We tell it how it really is without compromise.

No matter what part of the travel industry you’re in, you’re probably used to fuzzy sales math and marketing distribution numbers that are stretching the boundaries of reality. Not at TIMA. We are founded on the principal that everything starts with a complete transparency in our abilities, our distribution, and our mission. So when it comes to the good, the bad, and the ugly – you’ll always get a straight answer, as we never beat around the bush.


We try really hard to do what we say we'll do.

When we commit to a goal, whether it’s related to an increase in sales, improving marketing performance or simply replying to the many phone calls and emails we get, we do what we say we will do. Every single time. Every interaction we have with our clients has the same level of importance, and is treated with the same amount of respect. We are here to support all of our clients’ needs, as well as their goals, which makes their goals our goals too.

We put the well-being of our people first.

Just like Southwest Airlines, we believe that the well-being of our experienced marketing team comes first. We don’t like the fact that some companies will promise their clients the world, even though the people who work for the company are miserable. That’s why we make sure our team is one that’s always happy and fulfilled, as this allows them to completely focus on supporting you and your goals. There is simply no other way to do it.

Our Team

(So Far…)

Maggie Fischer

Maggie Fischer

Founder + CEO

Kulin Strimbu

Kulin Strimbu

Founder + COO

Peter Strimbu

Peter Strimbu

Chief Technology Officer

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