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Travel Agency Membership

For Your agency of 5+ Travel Advisors

TIMA can provide everything you need to create a successful marketing platform. With unlimited templates, downloads, and training resources, we are dedicated to providing you full service and support. You will be ready to start producing more professional content to attract new clients in no time. With this package, you will even get your own brand headquarters to upload and manage the usage of all your travel agency’s brand assets! 

In addition, TIMA Agency Members receive 10% off of all TIMA Marketplace purchases.


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Membership Overview

The Travel Agency Membership was created for travel professionals of all experience levels who are seeking guidance, support, the tools to improve their travel marketing – and who also need to apply their new benefits to their team. With so many affiliations, associations, and organizations out there claiming to provide true marketing support and training, we pride ourselves on truly delivering that promise through a very simple method:


we inspire

Our first and foremost priority is to inspire you to feel confident, and well as feeling well put-together when it comes to your business marketing.  From DIY solutions, to full service marketing, we know how important it is in the process of attracting, winning, and keeping new clientele. 


we inform

We are here to help you build your business the way YOU want to build it.  We help you work with the suppliers that mean the most to you and increase your sales in the markets you want.  We truly want to see you succeed. 


we implement

We know there is nothing worse than sitting through an hours of webinars or training sessions, only to be left feeling like you have no idea what to do next. TIMA will equip you with everything you need to implement what you have learned immediately, before you even leave the session.

All Memberships

travel advisor

Perfect for a single travel advisor building their brand and building their marketing skill set.

travel agency

Designed for a growing agency with up to 6 agents who need more advanced marketing support.

content creator

Tailored for travel bloggers, writers, photographers and other media influencers looking to monetize their content and services.


Templates & Toolkits
All memberships come with immediate access to lots of downloadable goodies, professionally designed to help you create more marketing items, faster.

Examples of what you’ll see and be able to start customizing right away include: 

  • Form Letters to Improve Communication with Your Suppliers
  • Email and Newsletter Templates to Wow Your Clients and Get You New Ones
  • Pre-Scripted Social Media Posts for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn
  • Press Release Templates to Get You Noticed
  • … Lots More to Explore!

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Training & Education

TIMA conducts multiple webinars each month, and they follow a meaningful sales and editorial calendar that is targeted to help you sell the right thing, at the right time.. You can register for everything you like through the end of the year if you want! 

In addition to our educational webinars and trainings, you’ll have access to lots of premium members-only content from travel industry glossaries and information on all of the industry’s events to a seasonal sales and marketing calendar you can use to carefully plan your marketing efforts around peak sales seasons. You’ll love it!


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Product & Supplier Information

You’ll have access to lots of information to help you choose the right marketing partners – from industry suppliers across every segment to graphic and web designers, writers, bloggers, and more. We take the time to test drive products, learn the technology, and put our name on the reccomendations we give.  This is available to you and all of your agents.

It’s the beginning of a truly marketing-focused community with no other agenda than to help the travel industry evolve as a leader on the global marketing stage.


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The TIMA Media Exchange

As a member, you’ll also have a login to the TIMA Media Exchange. Here, you’ll find thousands of videos, photos, and more that you can integrate into your marketing right away. There are no copyright issues to worry about, as we manage all of that for you. All you need to do is search, and you’ll have the ability to embed media in your emails, on your website, and of course in your social media posts. We’ll even recommend the right hashtags to get you noticed! It’s all part of your membership with us!

You’ll also get a custom Brand HQ area where you can upload, manage, and control usage of all of your agency’s most important photos, logos, collateral, and more! 


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“Marketing is telling the world you're a rock star. Content Marketing is showing the world you are one.”

Robert Rose

Chief Troublemaker, The Content Institute


$549 Per Year


All memberships are good for a full year from the date of purchase. Immediately upon payment, you’ll receive an email with your TIMA log in information and you will start receiving all membership benefits.

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