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Travel Supplier Membership

Engage and Activate More Travel Agency and Influencer Partners

We will work with you to provide the right tools, communication, and education, to the travel advisor and influencer communities to increase your sales and brand reach. By choosing this plan, you will be ready to start producing the most strategic marketing and sales content for you and the travel seller community.

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Supplier Membership Overview

The Travel Supplier Membership was created for travel brands looking to better expand their brand messaging and advance their relationships with industry partners.  With so many affiliations, associations, and organizations out there claiming to provide true marketing support and effective promotional strategies, we pride ourselves on truly delivering that promise through a dedicated focus on key aspects of your business and branding. TIMA can provide you with expert level support, resources, and training through our 3 focused areas below:


Your Positioning and Message

It can be tough to get your message across with so many competing for the time and attention of those who can truly sell your product best. Travel agencies and travel influencers are looking for brands that align with what they have to offer and who have a strong revenue opportunity for them – so how are you addressing that in your marketing?


Your Engagement With Travel Agents and bloggers

Do you have dedicated areas on your website, or better yet, standalone landing pages that speak specifically to travel agents and influencers, or are you treating them the same way that you treat the general public? If the answer is the latter, then we can work with you to develop a better strategy to attract and retain partnerships from the world’s top sellers of travel. Otherwise, you are never going to move the needle!


Your Look, Feel, and Tech

How would you grade your website? Is it clean, modern, and just as effective on an mobile device as it is on a desktop? Is your logo beautiful and memorable – and does it represent you and your brand? Take a look at all of your touchpoints, and think critically about what someone who has never seen your brand would gather from what you have out there today. If it makes you a bit uneasy, we can help.

All Memberships

travel advisor

Perfect for a single travel advisor building their brand and building their marketing skill set.

travel agency

Designed for a growing agency with up to 6 agents who need more advanced marketing support.

content creator

Tailored for travel bloggers, writers, photographers and other media influencers looking to monetize their content and services.

Immediate Benefits:

Innovative Brand Promotions

You’ll have access to lots of innovative opportunities to gain more visibility for your brand across our network. These include:

  • A listing in our Provider Partner Directory, searched by the TIMA network when looking for partnership opportunities.
  • An opportunity for a discounted leaderboard banner that will run across the TIMA travel agency pages for 30 days, to increase awareness and engagement in your products and services.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with top travel influencers to increase your reach and influence on both the travel agency and consumer sales channels.
  • Opportunities to place your content and product information into our weekly blog posts, which are continuously promoted within TIMA and to the entire industry each day.
  • Recognition across all of TIMA’s Social Media Networks.
  • Full access to load your images and videos to the TIMA Media Exchange, where members go to pull content for their promotions, and where you can privately store, organize, and view comprehensive reporting on who is engaging with your content in real time.

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Training & Education Opportunities

TIMA conducts at least 2 intensive webinars per month, following a set editorial calendar. You can register for everything you like through the end of the year if you want! Probably a good idea since attendance is capped and sessions will likely fill very quickly. We’ll also be doing several workshops created for you to follow along with and create something incredible during the session.

Our options look like this: 

  • TIMA Talk Webinar Series  |  These sessions cover a variety of industry hot topics. These sessions are not intended as sales pitches – rather discussions about current industry trends, defining new approaches, and sharing success and failures. They’re informative and inspirational in nature.
  • TIMA Marketing Workshop Series  |  These workshops are conducted live and you’ll watch and follow along onscreen as we show you exactly how to use certain marketing tools. The goal is to have you walk away from the session having created something impressive, from a landing page to a brochure or even a webinar of your own.
  • TIMA Supplier Webinars  |  TIMA will help you to promote your business and services through a variety of channels, including our Supplier Webinar Series, Email Marketing Campaigns, Featured Advertising Positions, One-on-One interviews, and more.

In addition to our educational webinars and trainings, you’ll have access to lots of premium members-only content from travel industry glossaries and the opportunity to be featured in the seasonal sales and marketing calendar that those in the travel industry use to carefully plan their marketing efforts around peak sales seasons. You’ll love it!


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Dedicated Support & Service

TIMA is here to help support and communicate the message of your brand to our entire network of travel advisors and content creators. We will include you in select spots so that we support your destination and your product every way possible. 

Once you’ve got your plan underway, we’ll be here to ensure you’re able to adapt, adjust, and see results. We’re always a chat or an email away and are here to help you grow.

If you’re ready, we also have in-house marketing and design service providers who can design anything you need, from a custom logo to a fully functional website ready to book business.

Consider TIMA as an extension to your internal marketing team.


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Unmatched Content Distribution and Delivery

As a supplier member, you’ll also be able to load your photos, videos, and tutorials to the TIMA Media Exchange, where thousands of travel sellers and bloggers can search for and share your content – rapidly increasing your engagement within both the travel agency and influencer communities as well as with their respective clients.

You and your team will have a login to the TIMA Media Exchange, where you can also utilize thousands of videos, photos, and more into the brand promotions you need to create. 

It’s the ultimate travel marketing platform where you can gather the pieces you need for an amazing campaign, and then release it there for the world to use in selling your products and services!



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If you would like a free, no-strings-attached brand consultation, please click below and choose a time that works for you. We can’t wait to meet you!



Immediately upon payment, you’ll receive an email with your TIMA log in information and you will start receiving all membership benefits. 

$2,495 Per Year

Billed Annually

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$210 Per Month

Billed Monthly (12 Billing Cycles with a 1 Year Commitment)

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$2,495 Per Year

Billed Annually

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$210 Per Month

Billed Monthly (12 Billing Cycles with a 1 Year Commitment)

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