Consortium Marketing Services

Support When and Where You Need it Most

Whether your supplier partners are unable to provide send-ready materials, or you just need them enhanced to drive more travel agency engagement, we want to help.

Now you can do more to protect your partners’ marketing investments and your reputation as a viable marketing distribution channel by partnering with TIMA for affordable marketing support and creative solutions.

Because bad marketing hurts everyone.

TIMA will provide your suppliers with everything from logo and identity design, to the creation of send-ready emails, on-brand advertorials, and even webinar and social media packages. You’ll increase their confidence and your network’s effectiveness by enabling your clients to fulfill more polished marketing deliverables on-time and without draining your own marketing department’s time and resources.

And your relationships matter.

We will work behind the scenes with you to ensure that your partner marketing campaigns are well strategized, written for the travel agency sales channel, tracked and reported on in a timely way. We can make sure your clients get a response quickly even when you can’t get to them, while always representing you and your interests.


Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s talk about everything TIMA can do to support you and your marketing programs this year!

What else can you expect from TIMA?

Creative Campaign Concepts

Put our deep travel industry and consortium marketing experience to work for you – we can help ensure your supplier marketing is working and engaging the agents you need driving more bookings.

Social Media Sorcery

We’ll amplify your brand and your suppliers’ campaigns by attracting a larger agency following and engaging them with your suppliers’ content – adding to your distribution power!

Relationship Rescue

Do you need a few extra hands to be more responsive at certain times of the year? We can help you ensure that all of your clients feel the love, even when you’re slammed.


Advanced Interactive Media

Our services come with complete access to Rich Media Exchange, providing your marketing team and your agency network with all of the digital assets they need to create more compelling marketing.

intelligent data + analytics

Want to provide your supplier partners with compelling sales and marketing stats but don’t know where to start? We can help you mesure their marketing and advise them more effectively.


on demand content creation

Running out of interesting things to say? We can provide endless, intriguing content to feed your agency and supplier facing newsletters, blogs, and more. All unique to you and your brand.

How does pricing for these services work?

Our pricing is based on the volume of marketing you’re working with, and the level of effort you need from us. For example, if your client purchases a marketing package worth $2500, our fee to help you manage, deploy, and measure that campaign would be 25% or $625. 

If you were looking for us to put together a marketing campaign from scratch, that would involve a custom proposal that we would be more than happy to put together for you after assessing your needs.


Who actually speaks with my client?

You do. We remain in the background unless you need us to work with them directly. We are providing a service to you that you in turn pass on to your clients.

Do you understand how consortium marketing works?

All too well. After years with several key travel industry consortia, our team knows that no matter what, the end result has to be an increase in production from the agencies who represent your network. We can ensure the marketing is focused only on the agencies whose production you’re measured on, and that it’s driving value for your distribution channel.

What types of suppliers can you work with?

Though the primary focus is usually on hotels and resorts, on both the corporate and leisure side, we also have success working across airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, destination management organizations, and even travel tech companies. In other words, if the end result you need is a motivated network of travel agencies, we’re your best bet.



Our fees are contingent on the volume of marketing work you need support on.


deep travel industry knowledge

You can rest assured that your TIMA team has many years of experience developing successful agency-facing campaigns.


award-winning creative

With more than 20 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards and many more from outside the travel trades, we’ll fill your shelves with trophies in no time. Your clients will love that!

Want to talk to a human before deciding?

No problem, we love to chat.

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