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It better. If not, it’s time to consider breaking up with it and finding someone new.

Every time you see your logo, you should feel like smiling because it so perfectly represents your travel business. Ready to find out how to create a logo that can make a significant impact on your business?

Your Logo Represents Your Business.

Your logo should represent your travel business in a way that makes you proud. It represents your business brand, essentially making it the face of your business. You want to be sure that your logo is making the impact you want it to make. You want to be sure the perception of your logo is spot on, which means when someone sees your logo, they instantly connect with your brand.

So, What Message Do You Want to Convey?

When thinking about your logo, what kind of message do you want it to convey to all those who see it? Believe it or not, every aspect of your logo will influence what people think about your business. And what they think directly impacts their purchasing decisions. Brand identity is more important than ever, making it essential for you to create a message with your logo that conveys exactly what you want it to convey. Maybe you want it to be straightforward and simple. Maybe you want something more abstract and required some imagination on the part of the viewer. It should match your personality and really be an avatar of your vision of your business. Don’t try to create a logo that is so literal it comes across as something you’d see on the wall in a kindergarten classroom. 

About TIMA


Travel Industry Marketing Association

is the first travel industry organization dedicated to, and driven by marketing. We are on a mission to provide the education, tools, and support travel professionals in every segment of the industry need to promote and grow their brands.

Your Logo Should:

Quickly Grab One’s Attention.

Your logo should be created in a way that makes it memorable, even if someone only sees it for a few seconds. The world we live in is a very busy one, which means many people are too busy to pay a lot of attention to the many types of marketing we all see on a daily basis. This makes it essential that your logo makes a strong first impression.

Perfectly Represent Your Vision of Your Business.

The elements used to create a logo need to be chosen keeping your particular business in mind, i.e. colors, shapes, tones, fonts. Your logo is your brand’s visual identity. This means no matter how few or how many elements you add to your logo, every single one of them should be meaningful to you. Even if it’s not something that’s super obvious to the viewer, it should be to you. Stock logo sites and self services sites are great – and I highly encourage using them – as long as the end result makes you happy. There’s no prize given for the logo that took the longest or cost the most.

Your Logo Should Not:

Stress You Out. Or Anyone Else.

You should have your logo in several different formats, color combinations, and file-types. It should be flexible, scalable, and easy to work with. If it only looks good on a white background, or you need a magnifying glass to read the words, it’s time to look at changing it up. Otherwise it will make any process that involves your logo a stressful one.

Be An Illustration of What You Do.

I can’t stress this enough. I’ve worked with clients for YEARS trying to achieve a logo that absolutely spells out what the company does. That’s a waste of time. Your logo should be every bit a piece of art as it is a representation – it’s great to capture planes, trains, palm trees, cruise ships – but leave a little to the imagination too. Don’t be afraid of a logo that has a story and a personal connection. It will make you and your company that much more interesting. There are 999 other ways to get your message across – it doesn’t all happen inside of your logo!

Need Logo Help?

If your logo is falling short, we can help. All you need to do is contact us at TIMA today and we’ll have you showing off your shiny new travel brand in no time at all! You just may be surprised at the difference a great logo can make to your bottom line. If your logo is not currently making you smile, it’s definitely time for you to create a new one.

Ready For a Logo That Makes You Smile?

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