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When it comes to generating and converting a lead, the most powerful digital tool you have is email marketing.

Many studies show that despite all of the growth and prominence of texting and chat applications, almost 61 percent of consumers prefer interactions with brands via email – and this extends across both gender and age groups.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a digital strategy used by businesses to drive sales, maintain brand recognition, build client relationships, and most importantly, drive sales.

Why is email marketing important?

Email marketing is notably one of the best marketing methods to earn business leads and to deliver a high return on investment

How often should you send an email?

According to research, approximately 61% of email subscribers prefer to receive promotional emails every week and 83% of customers spend more on a brand that they receive regular email communications from. This is your opportunity to consistently reach your past customers on a regular basis – and they want to hear from you!

Begin your email marketing plan today and discover the most effective way to drive new business and move your email contacts into an active sales funnel.

What is Drip Marketing/Email Campaigns?


Nearly 51% of companies use drip marketing automation to help boost their marketing efforts and to delivery better campaign results. Drip marketing (also referred to as automated email marketing) is a structured plan to send out a series of automated emails that are based on a specific timeframe, and a developed communication. The goal is to move customers to a buying decision and a final conversion point.

TIMA Email Marketing Drip Ad Campaign

TIMA can help you advance your client communications from a single email or newsletter, to a structured, targeted, progressive email campaign.

Why invest in Email Marketing?

Build Customer Loyalty

Investing in strong client relationships requires thoughtful and consistent interactions. A routing email marketing strategy makes that possible. Best of all, email campaigns are less expensive than paid advertising or social media campaigns.

Expand your Business Reach

Email campaigns are proven to have the best reach and potential for consumer engagement over other traditional marketing methods. The data shows that 72% of email users check their inboxes more than six times a day!

Connect with Different Audiences

One of the biggest benefits of B2C email is hyper-personalized communications. While other marketing methods focus on delivering broad messages, marketing emails allow you to offer unique benefits, discounts, or links.

Save Time and Effort

Email marketing is significantly less labor-intensive than traditional marketing, You communicate efficiently and cost-effectively with your entire database, in a matter of minutes.

Text Campaigns & Drive Results

Online marketing offers various ways to evaluate if you are hitting the nail on the head with your efforts. You can revise your marketing strategy to drive the most engagement with your campaigns.

Track Your Analytics

Analytics and data provided by the TIMA CONNECT CRM or through your own CRM, can provide you valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns.  You can adjust and modify your communications to help build your business.

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