Africa’s Hidden Gem: Namibia A Place Called Home

Let me take you on a virtual adventure to  Namibia, where landscapes are wide and open and stretch into far off horizons and the oldest desert meets the sea.

Watch antelope cross arid landscapes towards a shimmering of water or witness predators roam the isolated coastline for their prey.  This is a place where you are astounded by different vistas around every corner and where the stillness of some places, gives you quiet time for reflection and inner peace.

Imagine the skies opening up at night with the most magnificent stargazing and where you can enjoy endless talks with very old souls.

Immerse yourself in the variety of local food and take some time to listen to old stories, because this is a country with a great history where more than 12 tribal countries live peacefully together.

Whether you’re a minimalistic adventurist soul or a creature of comfort; we can offer it all and have you experience a holiday with the fondest of memories.

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Jul 20 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Violet Haasbroek
    Violet Haasbroek
    Owner of Just Holidays Namibia Travel Agency

    Violet has traveled extensively and has been to Europe and the Far East numerous times.
    Since these are destinations she frequently visits, Violet considers herself a travel expert on Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, Seychelles, Zanzibar, Mauritius, and Madagascar. She is the current owner of Just Holiday’s Travel Company in Namibia.
    With an extensive network of contacts and relationships, a well-developed on-the-ground infrastructure and staff who know their destinations intimately, Violet and her company offer personal service and attention to detail from small groups (couples, families and friends) and for large tours, conferences and incentives.

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