Beginner Pinterest Strategies for Travel Players in 2020

Let’s face it. Ranking on Google for important keywords in the well-saturated travel niche is difficult. Retaining an organic ranking while competitors try to outdo you and poach your position is a real treat too. So yes, Google does keep you on your toes. But don’t forget to breathe, err blink, there’s another avenue where you can get your organic traffic with slightly fewer efforts in 2020.

And that avenue is Pinterest!

If you are a Pinterest newbie and want to know what it is all about, how it can help you and your business, and what are the tips and tricks that work in 2020, register for this session today. Set an hour aside for your own travel business, this session will be jam-packed with value!

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Oct 06 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Sayali Patil
    Sayali Patil
    Lifestyle Blogger

    Sayali Patil is a tea-addict lifestyle blogger and a screen-addict mad mom. And though she loves her bright lipsticks and pre-packed travel cases, what she loves the most, are crazy ideas. As a frequent traveler, she loves the thrill of anticipated adventures just as much as she enjoys writing about them.

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