Don’t Fear the Rewards: Thrill your clients and increase your profits by using credit card rewards programs to your advantage.

Many travel agents fear credit card rewards programs and loyalty programs because they take business away from them. The exact opposite can be true! There are simple ways to use these rewards to your advantage in order to increase your own profits and blow away your clients with amazing value. This webinar will go through an easy, organized strategy to get clients free flights, increase their budgets, and have them pay you with their rewards. Get smarter about rewards. Earn a unique advantage over your competition. Most of all, thrill your current clients and attract even more.

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Oct 01 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Zac Hood
    Zac Hood
    Founder of Travel Freely

    I am the founder of Travel Freely, a free service focused on helping beginners earn free travel in the least amount of time. My wife and I have been traveling for free for almost 10 years. My approach to free travel has earned free flights to South Africa, Greece, France, Italy, Iceland, and more. We have earned over $50,000 in points and miles just from using our regular monthly spending. My focus is on helping the absolute beginner to earn over $2,000 every year in free travel.

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