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Adventure travel has grown in popularity over recent years. What makes people drawn to adventure travel? Which destinations are best for adventure travelers to visit? How do you sell adventure travel packages?

Join Cass D’Alessandro, adventure and lifestyle blogger, for a discussion about all things adventure travel. Discover the who, what, when, where and why of adventure travel as well as some tips for selling packages to adventure travel enthusiasts.

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Jul 10 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Cass D’Alessandro
    Cass D’Alessandro
    Travel + Lifestyle Blogger Behind Loving Life With Cass

    I am Cass, the travel/lifestyle blogger behind Loving Life With Cass. My brand aims to help readers love their lives by encouraging travel adventures and promoting wellness tips. Travelling is my biggest passion, I love being able to speak about it whenever possible. I’ve explored 23 countries, 6 continents and have enjoyed many bucket list adventures such as skydiving, cage shark diving and visiting the Great Barrier Reef.

    My experiences and passion for travel make me a great candidate to give an Elevate Webinar. I am able to speak on any of the below topics. My number one choice would be Canada. I love my home country, and this past year I spent time exploring Canada from coast to coast. I have explored almost all of the country and have experienced its natural beauty, top attractions, off the beaten path locations, delicious food and more.

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