What Makes Eastern Europe a Different Destination

Discover what makes Eastern Europe a different destination, a perfect match for travelers looking for immersive experiences. Its unique past, multicultural and multi-ethnic character, the abundance of historical monuments, incredible natural landscapes and even its communist traces offer a wide range of options for tourists.

This webinar will offer you a great overview of the Eastern European destinations and the best types of tourism for each one, covering also possible concerns travel agents and clients might have.

Given there are so many definitions of Eastern Europe, I think it’s important to mention now which are the sub-destinations/countries included in the webinar. I’m using UNWTO’s approach to diving Europe in geographical subregions. They have a single group for Central/Eastern Europe.

I will leave out the central countries (The Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia) and the Baltic States, and include:

  • EU destinations in Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania.
  • Non-EU destinations in Eastern Europe:  Armenia, Georgia, The Republic of Moldova, The Russian Federation, Ukraine.
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Jul 24 2020


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


  • Diana Condrea
    Diana Condrea
    Owner of Uncover Romania Travel

    Diana Condrea’s background in Travel & Tourism covers the people-centered activity of tour guiding, the passion for travel writing and the more challenging aspects of tour operator management. Her previous experience in NGOs and at an institutional level completes her understanding of this domain. She is always committed to working on projects that make a difference.

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