Host Agency Marketing Services

Striking Creative and Marketing Programs Designed to Do More

Our strategic marketing programs for host travel agencies are broad, and highly customizable to your particular focus, sales niche, and existing programs to support your agents. We’ll work with you to custom-tailor a solution that will move the needle in the right direction for your top priorities and sales goals. 

You’re in the right place if you’re looking to:

Bring In New Independent Travel Consultants.

We can implement the marketing bells and whistles you need to recruit top talent and keep them feeling confident and effective.

Upgrade Your Creative, Media, Branding, and Messaging.

There’s no room for ugly or dated looking marketing creative. Let’s keep your network looking fresh, modern, and attractive.

Better Feature and Promote Your Preferred Suppliers.

It’s not just about looks – your promotions have to be smart and show up at the right place and at the right time. We can make that happen.

Add Services and Education For Your Existing Agents.

Let’s roll out a steady flow of educational resources and the templates, kits, and creative they need to put their new skills to work.

A TIMA Partnership Can Keep Your Advisors Ahead of the Creative and Technology Curve.

We can offer you the creative templates, document designs, and process improvements to attract new leads and carry them through a strategically designed process. And ensure that your advisors have the education and training they need to use these tools with confidence.

What We Provide:

Digital Marketing They'll Love

There’s nothing better than launching a campaign you’re proud to show off to your clients, customers, and friends. We’ll ensure your team has clean, modern promotions to share everywhere with the confidence to keep them energized.

Email Automations Designed to Take Prospects from the Inspiration Phase to the Glowing Testimonial with Ease

Social Media Packs Tailored to Your Sales Focus, Complete With Relevant Post Content, Hashtags, and Calls to Action

Custom Landing Pages to Crush Your SEO Goals, Establish Real Credibility, and Leave Your Prospects Wowed

Marketing Plans They'll Follow

No, plans aren’t often the sexy part – but we put gamification into play to spark competition, collaboration, and fun when it comes to motivating your agents to reach marketing milestones and complete the tasks you need to get the job done right.

Leaderboards Your Agents Can See to Track Their Sales Progress, Leads, and More to Increase Engagement

Downloadable Worksheets Designed to Teach Marketing Tactics, What they Mean, and Why they Work

Badges, Trophies, and Certificates You Can Use to Incentivize and Reward Your Agents When They Succeed

Tools to Keep Them Visible

We’ll equip your marketing strategies with tools like Adroll and paid, targeted social campaigns that will keep your brand popping up in all the right places no matter where your clients surf or what stage of the buying process they’re in.

Paid, Targeted Social Campaigns You Provide the Ad Budget, We Set Up Their Targets, Monitoring, and Creative

Adroll Banners Designed to Follow Prospects, Clients, and Even Prospective New Agents Wherever They Are

Modern PR Templates and Tools to Help Your Agents Gain Relevance and Prominence In Their Local Markets

Data to Help You Sleep at Night

No more lying awake wondering if your marketing investment is paying off. We’ll provide you with a real-time dashboard you can use to measure the effectiveness of your marketing plan whenever you need to. Even at 3am. 

Custom Dashboards You Can Choose to Show You Only the Metrics You Care About Without Drowning You in Nonsense

Real Benchmarking Provides You With Industry Averages and More So You Know Where You Stand

Complete Data With Contacts, Behaviors, and More Because Open Rates and Clicks Only Tell A Small Part of the Story


How does pricing for these services work?

Our pricing is based on the volume of marketing you’re working with, and the level of effort you need from us. For example, you may need just a few marketing pieces tweaked, or you may need an entirely new strategy.

We can quickly assess your needs and create a custom proposal that will address both your short and long-term needs.


Can this help me recruit new agents to my host agency as well?

Absolutely. Having a well-oiled marketing machine to attract more of the right agents is important.  We understand the messaging, the target audience, and how to sell them on your company.

How much oversight will I have?

100%.  Our goal is to support your goals and initiatives and customize it to meet your needs. From increasing existing sales to attracting new agents, we work as an extension of your internal marketing team.



Our fees are contingent on the volume of marketing work you need support on.


deep travel industry knowledge

You can rest assured that your TIMA team has many years of experience developing successful agency-facing campaigns.


award-winning creative

With more than 20 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards and many more from outside the travel trades, we’ll fill your shelves with trophies in no time. Your clients will love that!

What else can you expect from TIMA?

Creative Campaign Concepts

Put our deep travel industry marketing experience to work for you – we can help ensure your marketing is working and engaging the agents you need driving more bookings.

Social Media Sorcery

We’ll amplify your brand and your campaigns by attracting a larger agency following and engaging them with refreshed, relevant content designed to provide real value to your network.

Relationship Rescue

Do you need a few extra hands to be more responsive at certain times of the year? We can help you ensure that all of your clients feel the love, even when you’re slammed.


Advanced Interactive Media

Our services come with complete access to the TIMA Media Exchange, providing your travel advisors with all of the digital assets they need to create and manage more compelling marketing.

intelligent data + analytics

Want access to more insightful sales and marketing stats but don’t know where to start? We can help you measure your marketing and more effectively determine ROI on your activities.


on demand content creation

Running out of interesting things to say to your audience? We can provide endless, intriguing content to feed into your marketing campaigns, social media, client-facing newsletters, blogs, and more. 

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