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The stakes are increasing rapidly for those seeking a profitable, sound career in travel content creation. There is a theme emerging, that is beginning to tarnish the term “influencer” and make the marketing relationship between travel influencers and travel brands more demanding and scrutinizing of each others intentions and contributions to the overall sales process.

More and more stories about travel influencers with unreasonable demands and disrespectful behavior are overshadowing the success stories in the media, and it’s causing brands to think twice before investing in what can *still* be considered a new and untested model.

[Have you read CNN’s article on Travel Influencers this week? Give it a look.]

So how do the truly dedicated, professional content creators separate themselves from the pack, and prove that professionalism to the industry? How do you get your content creation brand above the fray?

The answer may lie in your ability to understand how the travel industry has traditionally measured sales success, and by partnering with a model that is tried, true, and has delivered on their sales contributions since before the 14.4 modem was a thing.

[Another interesting perspective from Angie Away.]

[And One From Expert Vagabond.]

That’s right – there’s a powerful connection to be made between dedicated content creators and those who have been on the front lines of travel sales forever – the thriving travel agency community.

TIMA is developing an education program for content creators who are seeking a deeper understanding of how intermediary travel sales work, and what’s been successful in building the tight relationships that travel agencies enjoy with travel brands like hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more.

This deep-dive into travel agency sales and how you can adopt some powerful new practices by teaming up with a travel agency who specializes in the destinations you create content for, can be a powerful step in building the credibility and industry marketing know-how that any wise marketing investor will be seeking from bloggers, vloggers, writers, and more as this powerful new sales channel continues to evolve.

We’ll be launching this new track mid-month, so keep your eyes peeled for the details!

Interested In Pairing Up?

Are you a travel writer, blogger, vlogger, or other awesome content creator seeking a travel agency partner? We can team you up with the right agency and together you can do some pretty incredible sales and marketing stuff!
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