Journey to the Northern Lights & Beyond

A journey through Norway, Germany, the Netherlands, and the Czech Republic

Designed and traveled by our experts at Friends That Carry On, this nearly two-week long trip is the perfect mix of adventure, history, and European experiences that your clients are looking for. Show them the insider’s view of some of the world’s most beautiful sights while taking in local cuisine reserved only for those who want to be truly immersed in the culture.


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Itinerary Highlights

Here’s a look at the experiences your clients will enjoy when they purchase this itinerary from your travel agency. Full itinerary details and suggested additions are included in the downloadable itinerary package.

Jim Scott

Jim Scott

Friends That Carry On

Your itinerary tale is coming to you courtesy of Jim Scott of Friends that Carry On – the incredible group of travel bloggers who travel the world seeking out new adventures and sharing their diverse experiences on their popular podcast and travel blog.
Day 1: Flying Into Tromso, Norway

The Friends started this milestone birthday trip seeking a view of the Northern Lights in Norway. They found a flight into Oslo, Norway and then took a second flight to Tromso, Norway.

When they arrived, they noticed that Tromso was a beautiful little seaside town. It has a large Fjord that cruise ships can come up into, as well as large whales. If you decide to visit during late October, there’s a chance of seeing the whales swimming up into the Fjord, but they were too early to see them. After checking in at their hotel, the Friends walked around the town and enjoyed the natural beauty of the area.

Day 2: Touring The Museums Of Tromso & Seeing The Northern Lights

The Friends began their second day touring the town and going to many little Arctic Museums and the Aquarium. They then gathered in the City Centre, which was the pick-up point to visit the Northern Lights. A little bus picked them up and whisked them away into the countryside where reindeer and Sami tribes roam the area. They were brought to a large teepee where they were treated with a warm campfire and hot beverages, and they waited for night to fall and the Northern Lights to arrive. The lights didn’t come right away, so they hopped in the bus to seek them out further. Once they found them, it ended up being the most spectacular natural event that these Friends had ever seen. It was more than worth it.

Day 3: Fly From Tromso, Norway to Prague, Czech Republic

The Friends arrived in Prague and ended up staying near the old city center at an AirBnB that was the same apartment that Mozart stayed in when he was in Prague writing some of his most influential works. The apartment was very close to the Astronomical Clock and the metro, so it was very conveniently located for the whole stay.

They spent the day walking around getting familiar with the area, visiting the old part of the city, and enjoying some of the great Czech food and beers.

Day 4: Prague Walking Tour

The group always tries to take a tour when visiting new cities so they can get their bearings and learn more about the city, so they found a free walking tour through a resource they often use so they could learn more about Prague. It is about a two-hour tour where the guides take you around to locally loved places to eat and other neat little places to visit. It’s a free tour, but it is always recommended to tip at the end.

Later that night, the Friends went back to some of the recommended places and enjoyed some good food and night spots.

Day 5: Foodie Tour & Kutna Hora Bone Chapel Tour

The Friends decided to do different things on Day 5 in Prague.

Some of the Friends opted to do an incredible Foodie tour that walked them all over Prague where they enjoyed all types of delicacies. The tour also gave great history on Prague going from communism to democracy and the amazing changes that came with that.

The rest of the Friends travelled outside of Prague into the Czech countryside to the village of Kutna Hora where they toured the Sedlec Ossuary, which is home of the infamous Bone Chapel, which is made up of human remains. Sedlec Ossuary is a Unesco World Heritage site and is a very popular tour.

Day 6: Prague Castle & St. Charles Bridge Area

This day, the Friends continued to explore Prague, visiting the Prague Castle, which is the largest castle in Europe that stands statuesque looking doing on the St. Charles Bridge. This is a beautiful area to explore, with natural beauty, great shops, and amazing restaurants.

The John Lennon Pub is not far from here as well and they highly recommend it, not only for its drinks but for its history. The Lennon Wall was made famous during the communist area after John Lennon was murdered and college students would draw graffiti on it. The communists would then whitewash the wall in vain, since the graffiti would be back the next day.

Day 7: Bus From Prague, Czech Republic To Munich, Germany

On day 7, the Friends made their way to Munich via a 3-hour bus ride and took the autobahn through the German countryside. Once in Munich, they checked into their hotel and prepared themselves for the chaos of Oktoberfest.

If you ever plan to attend a large event like Oktoberfest, it’s necessary to book lodging way in advance. Most places will let you cancel 30-60 days out, so set a reminder on your calendar in case you need to cancel. Hotels and lodgings near the festival will also book up very quickly, in anticipation of the thousands of people who are coming for the festival, so you also will want to make sure to book where you’d like to stay far in advance as well.

That evening, the crew walked around Munich and made their way over to the Oktoberfest grounds, which were amazing. It was a large, carnival ground with rides and food booths on one half and large beer tents able to hold 10,000 people on the other half. They then made their way to the Spaten tent where beef was on the spit, Oom-Pah Bands playing, and lots of cold beer was being poured. It made for a great evening.

Lastly, some of the Friends brought their own Lederhosen, but the ladies in the group wanted to go to the costume shops and buy their own Dirndls, so that they all could be clad in traditional Oktoberfest-ware.

Day 8: Oktoberfest – Hofbrau Tent

The Friends eased into their day with the special seats that were already secured specifically for the 8 travelers. They enjoyed their view from the Mezzanine desk of the Hofbrau tent, which seats 10,000 festival goers. Their reservations included seating for four hours, 4 liters of beer, and a half a chicken each. They quickly made friends with neighboring tables and a good time was had by all.

Day 9: Dachau Concentration Camp

After collecting themselves from a day and half of Oktoberfest, the Friends headed just outside of Munich to tour the Dachau Concentration Camp. The tour was very sobering and on point to the atrocities that went on at this location. After a full day in Dachau, they headed back to Munich and had a nice dinner in town.

Day 10: Fly From Munich, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands

They then flew into Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam and rode the train into the city. Here the group had a 17th century Airbnb waiting for them, located in the main, old part of the city. It was conveniently located, and they had many choices of restaurants, coffeehouses, and bars with which to frequent.

Day 11: Visiting Museum & City and Canal Tour

There are many different museums in Amsterdam to visit, including the Anne Frank Museum, The Van Gogh Museum, and the Heineken Museum among others. The Friends relaxed on a tour of the canals, and also decided to visit the Rijksmuseum, which houses the Dutch Master and a lot of Rembrandt’s artwork.

Day 12: Fly Back Home

From Amsterdam, the Friends flew back home and thus completed another great trip around Europe that reminded them that #lifedontsuck.

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