Lead Generation


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When you need to go beyond marketing to your friends, family, co-workers, and social groups, you need a new source for confirmed interested leads.

A Lead Generation Campaign amplifies a promotion on social media, sending the leads to travel agents who convert the business.

With advanced demographic and psychographic metrics and look-alike audience  targeting, a lead generation campaign sorts through thousands of people to land on a set of opt-in interested leads.

How is this different from Social Media Management?

Social media management cultivates existing contacts, a Lead Gen Ad Campaign draws on highly-targeted audiences to bring in new leads.

Why use an email drip campaign?

More than 50% of engagement is post-first contact. Manually sending 5 follow-ups to all leads is unmanageable. The TIMA CONNECT email drip campaign adds points for different levels of engagement and cultivates leads through stages, letting agents focus time on the most engaged leads.

How does TIMA generate ad targeting?

In addition to experience drawn from running hundreds of ads, TIMA can take past highly-engaged leads to generate look-alike audiences in social media channels. This lets the social system identify new audiences based on thousands of traits in their graph database.

Begin your email marketing plan today and discover the most effective way to drive new business and move your email contacts into an active sales funnel.

What does TIMA do?

  • Generates social media demographic and psychographic audience targeting metrics and look-alike audiences,
  • Creates, runs, tracks, and adjusts the social media ad
  • Manages agent follow-up drip email campaigns in TIMA CONNECT, or the CRM of your choice
  • Adjusts leads' points and stages based on email opens, clicks, and landing page views,
  • Aggregates leads in a monthly newsletter segment (for ongoing agent subscribers).
TIMA Email Marketing Drip Ad Campaign


TIMA CONNECT automatically pulls leads in from a social platform and sends a drip email campaign, cultivating a lead through the marketing funnel from warm lead to ready-to-book. CONNECT tracks and assigns "lead points" for email opens, clicks, and website page visits, letting you know exactly who your highly-engaged leads are.  Regardless of whether they booked this promotion, every lead is placed into a newsletter segment to keep them warm with future database promotions and ongoing monthly newsletters.

Drip Email Marketing

  • 5 Automatic Follow-up emails
  • Responsive Email Builder
  • Email Templates
  • AWS SES-based Email Sending

Engagement Tracking

  • Email
  • Open Tracking
  • Email Click Tracking
  • Page Visit Tracking (Javascript)
  • Location Identification

Social Lead Capture

  • Facebook Lead Ads
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram
  • TikTok Leads
  • DocSend (Lead Magnet engagement)

Lead Cultivation

  • Points
  • Stages
  • Campaigns
  • Tags
  • Segments

Segment Users on

  • Type of Promotion
  • Social Source
  • Engagement Points

Lead Promotion

Promote leads through incremental Segments, Stages, and Campaigns based on engagement or specific actions.  Notify the travel advisor when point thresholds are reached for direct contact.


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