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If your marketing campaigns aren’t doing anything other than advertising supplier offers… how will anyone grow to love your amazing brand?

We’re all too familiar with the drill. You have a travel business. And you need product to sell. And our travel supplier partners usually come through with great cruise, tour, hotel, and car offers for you to put in front of your clients. But the problem is, everyone is using the exact same creative. The same words. The same pictures. And probably posting and emailing them too. So how are potential customers supposed to choose you over the competition who are essentially all saying the same thing? That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you wrap those great offers in context so that your offer outshines the ones that are just getting passed along. Let’s take a look under the hood, shall we? 

 A Supplier Creates an Offer

Our pretend travel supplier has come up with a great getaway offer. They send it to you to promote. And at that point you have a choice to make. Do you send it to your clients as-is? Do you recreate something in your own branding to send to your clients? Or, if you’re part of a consortium like TravelLeaders or similar, you may even be able to customize parts of it with your name. But is that really enough space to tell your story? At that point you’re just putting a small sticker on a big ad for that supplier.

What if you could translate that offer into something that represents your brand?

At TIMA, our design staff can provide you with a similar template that presents your services as a travel expert. Not a billboard. We can capture the spirit of the offer, but put it in your words. So that it fits with all of your other offers, websites, emails, etc. Look at the difference between the 2 ads.

 Which one is focused on your relationship with your client? This is what we do.

About TIMA


Travel Industry Marketing Association

is the first travel industry organization dedicated to, and driven by marketing. We are on a mission to provide the education, tools, and support travel professionals in every segment of the industry need to promote and grow their brands.

How does this work?

This works in a few ways.

  • If you have the ability to create graphics in Canva, we can give you the basic templates for social posts, emails, and even blog posts. That’s free as long as you subscribe.
  • If you don’t, that’s ok too, you just submit a custom request, and as long as it’s nothing crazy, we turn that back around to you in about 24 hours. That comes with all of our memberships.
  • OR you can take advantage of our pre-made templates. We have hundreds of them our members can choose from, download, and post. We even provide suggested verbiage. Members also get access to thousands of videos you can use as well!
  • If your needs are a bit more complex, we also do complete marketing campaigns too. Those are available in our shop for members.

The bottom line is… you have a choice. And some simple customizations can be quick, easy, and doesn’t need to cost a ton of money. Let’s take those great supplier offers and convert them into more meaningful marketing communications for your brand!

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