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Brand-to-Agent Database Campaign Combined with an Agent-Friendly DIY Marketing Pack

Are you ready to engage with existing travel agent customers like never before? Do you want to target specific travel agents who know how to sell your product and destination?  Do you want to give travel agent partners a professional, easy way to promote your services to their clients?  We have just the answer for you!  TIMA's Supplier-to-Agent Database Campaign is the best way to partner with travel agents for more sales.  You simply provide us with the destination or offer, and we do the rest.


How it works:

TIMA works with you to determine which specific agents will be best to promote and sell your brand/destination.  You tell us who you are looking for and we will partner with those agencies for your promotion. We partner with TRES Technologies, the oldest and largest travel agency database company to find the right travel agents.  TRES has the travel agency sales data, so we can invite the ideal travel agency partners for your brand.


Once we have selected the travel agencies, TIMA will take the offer or service you would like to promote and then we create custom social media posts, email newsletters, and drip sequences, that will be sent from the agent to their database.  We do all the work to drive leads for these agents, they receive the calls and emails for new bookings, and you get the additional sales you are looking for.  Best of all, we track the results so you can see the success from the campaign.


Are you interested in targeting a broad audience of agents?   No worries!  We include the Brand DIY Marketing Campaign as a solution for large numbers of agencies.  This Do-It-Yourself marketing kit includes all of the professional, consumer-ready tools agents need to effectively promote your brand. Best of all, we include instructions on how to use the marketing packs, and support for the agents who use it.


You choose:

  1. How many agents you would like to participate in the TIMA managed ad campaign.
  2. How many agents you would like to include in the DIY Marketing Campaign


TIMA will provide:

  • All custom creative images, text, hashtags, and videos, to support the brand/destination promotion.
  • A Facebook Ad complete with caption text, video, images, and hashtags
  • A social media pack with 5 unique visuals sized for all social platforms, caption text, suggested hashtags
  • 5 complete beautiful email sequences, spaced ideally for consumer engagement and with calls-to-action
  • A beautiful pre-made newsletter for follow-up after the campaign has completed
  • An instructional in-depth overview guide on each provided marketing material section. (For DIY services only)


See an example of a previous campaign:


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