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DIY Brand-to-Agent Ad Campaign

All brands and destinations appreciate the selling capability of travel agents, and the large network of consumers they interact with.  However, providing them with materials that are both informative and consumer-ready marketing materials is time and cost-prohibitive.  That is, until today.


TIMA can take any offer, promotion, or update that you have and turn it into professional, brandable, consumer-ready content for travel agents to immediately use in all of their marketing.  From your information, we create:


  • Custom social media posts
  • A 5-Email Drip Sequence
  • 2 Newsletters


Best of all, we include instructions on how to use the marketing packs, and support for the agents who use it!

See an example of a previous campaign:


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Lead Generation

Use Facebook advertising to generate new leads and let automated drip emails increase engagement and convert sales!

Email Marketing

Let us create a beautiful, engaging newsletter program for your business that keeps your existing customers engaged.

Social Media Management

Inspiration, Information, and Offer is the key to curate and convert your social subscribers.  Let TIMA manage your social media site so you can focus on selling travel!


From easy brochure websites to fully dynamic sites highlighting your destinations and suppliers, we have the right options to create a dramatic web presence!