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Email Sequence (1 Welcome Email + 4 Email Sequence)


TIMA will create 1 welcome email, followed by a 4 email sequence for $175. After the welcome email, we will create emails using topics of your request or with a variety of topics that may include:
  • Quick Tips with a seasonal location/brand offer (looking 9-12 months out)
  • An information message, featuring a list of top considerations and recommendations for target destinations.
  • A loyalty or referral message along with incentives for new business, follows, traffic (along with a current special, offer, or destination promo)
  • Newsletter introduction – featuring the layout of the information, messaging, and content types they will be receiving in future communications.

COVID-19 Messaging Assistance
COVID-19 Assistance

We're offering free messaging help to get you through the mountain of communications and notifications you're likely trying to get out the door. We can help.

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