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Social Media Ad Campaign


TIMA will work with your company to create and manage a Social Media or Digital Advertisement.   During the campaign period, TIMA will post, monitor, and review the ad for its success and adjust as needed. $60 ad spend included.  Additional advertising costs are the responsibility of the account owner.  Campaigns will be for a single offer or promotion.

Once the campaign goes live, the topic, information, or details, cannot be changed. TIMA requires Editor access to fully administer campaigns.  Customers can be provided instructions for campaigns as an alternative to this access.

**Responses for each campaign vary and while TIMA will provide its best efforts and practices for outcome, we can’t guarantee results.

COVID-19 Messaging Assistance
COVID-19 Assistance

We're offering free messaging help to get you through the mountain of communications and notifications you're likely trying to get out the door. We can help.

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