Brand Boxes In Action

taking a closer look at some of our most recent client work

Our Brand Box clients come to us for a revamp of their existing brand, or to establish a brand new one. We offer a variety of options, based on our clients' needs and how hands-on they want to be with their marketing.

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A Luxury Upgrade

After several successful years of selling travel, Dave Gapin wanted his brand to evolve into a more luxury-focused travel agency.

Making the decision to shift your focus or niche can be exciting - but it's critical that you bring your branding along with you! Just stating that you're doing something differently isn't enough. You have to ensure that every customer touchpoint reflects your new focus - from your logo, to your website, to how your prospects and clients communicate with you. Luxury doesn't just mean that you look fancy - it means that you're elevating the entire experience for your prospects and clients from the moment they connect with you. That can mean saving them time, addressing their needs proptly and anticipating new ones - and communicating differently about what it is you offer.

We had to shift the tone of all of our communications from one that was price focused, to one that was completely driven by the experience. This in turn attracts new clients that are focused on the same thing. When you're offering a luxury experience to an audience who can't get past price shopping mode - you'll never connect. So that's exactly what aimed to fix.

The logo, the website, emails, and social media now have a much more refined feel. We barely mention price, or sales, or specials. We took the palm trees away so that the agency could evolve into other types of experiences without causing confusion. And we completely changed everything down to the forms that we were using to collect client information. They feel more like a conversation now, rather than the same old same old.

How The Process Works

We work quickly through 4 distinct steps to ensure that we craft a brand image that will attract the clientele you're looking for, and positions you well for industry partnerships. Everyone is different, and requires different amounts of time spent on each stage. We can plan an approach that will work alongside you and your style. It's flexible and fun!

Concept & goals

Design and refine

Production review


From Our Client

This was a transformation of not only my logo and my branding, but my entire approach to marketing. TIMA has shown me how to take what was a pile of mismatched tools and reconfigure them into a well oiled machine. From my social media to my business cards, it's a completely new day at AI Destinations!

David Gapin

Founder + Principal Travel Specialist, AI Destinations

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Lead Generation

Use Facebook advertising to generate new leads and let automated drip emails increase engagement and convert sales!

Email Marketing

Let us create a beautiful, engaging newsletter program for your business that keeps your existing customers engaged.

Social Media Management

Inspiration, Information, and Offer is the key to curate and convert your social subscribers.  Let TIMA manage your social media site so you can focus on selling travel!


From easy brochure websites to fully dynamic sites highlighting your destinations and suppliers, we have the right options to create a dramatic web presence!