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Road Trip Post Pack

Sometimes you just need to pack up the car, and go...

Our original designs are ready to drop into your social media posts right away, along with our suggested post text and hashtags. Use them as-is or rewrite to fit your promotion. The choice is yours!

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Promote Road Trips!

This post pack contains 5 different designs you can post on Facebook and Instagram to drive more demand for your services.

The beauty of a road trip is that they can last a day, a weekend, or weeks! They can be for solo travelers, couples, friends, musicians, or families. The destinations are limitless, and the experiences are always one of a kind.

To see all of the designs, simply hover over the image and you can click the arrows to see all 5 designs. These were designed by TIMA!


Suggested Post Text

Suggested Post:

Destination: Anywhere, and everywhere!

Let’s get the car stocked up with everyone’s favorite snacks, some great music, and let’s go!

If you’re looking to plan a road trip, whether across your state, or across the country, I can help you! Give me a call, and we’ll get you on the road!

Suggested Hashtags:

#roadtrip #travel #adventure #wanderlust #travelgram #landscape #explore #instatravel #usa #vanlife #letsgo #mountains #trip #sunset #sunrise #camping #vacation #hiking #traveling #travelblogger #road #trip

Download the Post Pack

Your folder will include all of your images, labeled for the social media network they’ve been sized for. No graphics or editing software needed – just post!

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