TIMA Membership Badges

Proudly display your status as a TIMA member on your website, marketing materials, and more

Options That Match Your Style!

As a member you have taken the step to grow your business, and your dedication to your career success should be applauded. By displaying your membership badge on your website and marketing materials, you are letting others in the travel industry know that you are serious about your focus, and are open to partnerships that will move you forward.

The attached pack includes badges in multiple colors so that you can choose one to match your theme.

Need a new color? No problem! Simply reach out to our team and we can modify for you, or you are welcome to modify and change to a color of your choice. 


Download Your Logos

your folder will contain all colors available in .png and .eps formats!
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Lead Generation

Use Facebook advertising to generate new leads and let automated drip emails increase engagement and convert sales!

Email Marketing

Let us create a beautiful, engaging newsletter program for your business that keeps your existing customers engaged.

Social Media Management

Inspiration, Information, and Offer is the key to curate and convert your social subscribers.  Let TIMA manage your social media site so you can focus on selling travel!


From easy brochure websites to fully dynamic sites highlighting your destinations and suppliers, we have the right options to create a dramatic web presence!