High-Impact Marketing for the Travel Industry

ClientBase Plus Marketing Services/TRES Technologies and the Travel Industry Marketing Agency have partnered to bring you the best trade marketing opportunities in the industry. We combine the intelligence of historical travel data with professional marketing communications and best practices, to give you the best opportunity to grow your business through our travel advisor network. There has never been a better time to adjust the spend on your direct trade and co-op ad budgets.

Get More From Your Marketing Dollars

Drive More Business Through Your Best Travel Agency Partners

We know that there is a perfect system in place for building new business with travel agents. More for them, more for you. You simply provide the information, we find the right targets, create the marketing collateral, and send.

There has never been a program like this before in the travel industry and it is going to change the way marketing is done. We are here to MASSIVELY increase your marketing dollar performance.

B2B Fast Facts

✔ We have 45,000 travel advisors in our network

✔ We have 650 agencies who have opted into marketing services                     

✔ We have 5,000 agents who have downloaded a notification in their browser

✔ We can target specific advisors based on where they are, what they sell, and who they prefer

✔ We can help you effectively reach travel advisors with multi-email campaigns

B2B2C Fast Facts

We have 18M proven traveler emails

They represent 37B in annual travel sales

We have extensive information about previous consumer transactions

We can target the right customers for your message

We can give you complete reports, ensuring your ad dollars are well spent

Our Marketing is the Best Around

Top Five Reasons Our Performance Levels Are So High

Your Message Delivered Perfectly

Agent ready marketing delivered – email, social media & landing pages all cobranded and ready to tell your story 

Sophisticated Targeting

Massive list of Travelers & Travel Agencies to drive your message to the right person at the right time 

One Message – Multiple Options

Choose from a single email ‘blast’ to a full campaign fully designed around your needs and budget 

New Prospects or Existing Customers

From encouraging repeat bookings to finding new prospects, let our advanced segmentation tools help you get more from your marketing 

Measurable ROI with Transparent Reporting

More than just opens & clicks, but verified booking data with a clear overview of your campaign success 

We Open the Sales Door For You

LiveConnect = More Customers, Right Now

Agents love Tres LiveConnect because it increases productivity – and nearly 68% of Tres users, use LiveConnect monthly! LiveConnect contributes to your sales volume, and we can help you get more out of it! Leverage our insights to help you target the right agencies and agents to grow your agency sales.  

Our Statistics Prove it

It’s All About The Data

This isn’t a typical trade marketing campaign. We start with professional content and we end with trackable, relevant results. Our results speak for themselves with each and every campaign.

  • Average open rates of 38-60% for EVERY send
  • Above average click through rates
  • Consistently high engagement
  • Trackable ad-to-conversion rates

And we pass all of the data points on to you each time!

Are you the brand partner we’re looking for?

You Were Asking For A New Option, and We Heard You

  • Are you tired of throwing your money into marketing and not getting a return on your investment?
  • Are you looking for results from your campaign spend?
  • Do you want to choose the clients that are receiving your message?