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Marketing for Travel Supplier Brands

GIVE YOUR consumer and travel agency marketing a boost

If your sales goals depend on both consumer sales and travel agency sales , we’ve got the tools you need to make sure your offers are getting the attention they need and you get the bookings you deserve!  We provide all the services you need to advance your brand, deliver professional campaigns, manage your social media – everything you need to keep the phone ringing.

We Create Powerful Campaigns Designed to Drive More Transactions From Both Consumer and Travel Agency Sales Channels. With One Huge Difference…


We tackle both ends of the process by creating your campaign for a consumer audience – and then adapting a second version so the travel agency has the materials they need to drive more transactions. They’ll receive your offer along with a complete kit of materials they can use to promote across all social media channels, email, web, and more. And it’s all 100% trackable so you can follow the purchase path from the inspiration phase to the actual booking. All we need is your promotion info and we’re off to the races.

We Start With Your Offers

We Adapt the Creative

We Retarget the Messaging

And Give Travel Agents the Tools They Need

And Report Back the Results

Emailing PDFs isn’t going to cut it anymore.

We can take your promotions and use them to create a library of sharable social media posts, web banners, blog post content and more. All we need are you main brand elements and the details of your promotions – and that’s it. We’ll drive lots of versatile materials and ensure that they’re in the hands of those who need them so they can get booking.

Agents are posting every day.

And they’re always searching for new content for their posts, their emails, and their website. By partnering with TIMA, we can make sure that your marketing assets are accessible to our network of travel agencies. We can even segment your promotions based on their consortium or host agency and report the results.

Be ready for new business.

Even the best promotions can be rendered useless if agents aren’t clear about where and how to book. We can make sure you have the right landing pages and web content in place to ensure that there’s a clear path from promotion to booking, and no agent abandons the process because they aren’t sure where to go.

We can make this happen quickly, and without blowing the budget!

Whether you need a strategic marketing plan built from the ground up, or you just need your existing materials adapted for use in these new areas, we’ll put a custom proposal together to address these pain points quickly and without destroying your budget.

Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a Consultation

Let’s talk about everything TIMA can do to support your marketing programs this year!

What else can TIMA do?

Creative Campaign Concepts

Put our deep travel industry marketing experience to work for you – we can help ensure your marketing is working and engaging the agents you need driving more bookings.

Social Media Sorcery

We’ll amplify your brand and your campaigns by attracting a larger agency following and engaging them with refreshed, relevant content designed to provide real value to your network.

Relationship Rescue

Do you need a few extra hands to be more responsive at certain times of the year? We can help you ensure that all of your clients feel the love, even when you’re slammed.

Advanced Interactive Media

Our services come with complete access to Rich Media Exchange, providing your marketing team and your agency network with all of the digital assets they need to create more compelling marketing.

intelligent data + analytics

Want access to more compelling sales and marketing stats but don’t know where to start? We can help you measure your marketing and more effectively determine ROI on your activities.

on demand content creation

Running out of interesting things to say? We can provide endless, intriguing content to feed into your marketing and client-facing newsletters, blogs, and more. All unique to you and your brand.


How does pricing for these services work?
Our pricing is based on the volume of marketing you’re working with, and the level of effort you need from us. For example, you may need just a few marketing pieces tweaked, or you may need an entirely new strategy.

We can quickly assess your needs and create a custom proposal that will address both your short and long term needs.


Do you have a membership for suppliers?

We do! Our Travel Brand Membership is designed for those who need some extra support and access to creative sales and marketing resources on more of a do-it-yourself model. Our memberships do come with a nice listing in our partner directory as well as some additional marketing opportunities!

Check Out the Supplier Membership Here

Do you understand how travel agency and influencer marketing work?
All too well. After years with several key travel industry consortia, our team knows that no matter what, the end result has to be an increase in production from the agencies who represent your network. We can ensure the marketing is focused only on the agencies whose production you’re measured on, and that it’s driving value for your distribution channel.
Can TIMA help me with all of my marketing campaigns?

Absolutely.  Consider us an extension of your marketing department or your own ad agency.  We can do a little, some, or all of your creative.  We are here to improve your marketing and reach while also making your life easier.



Our fees are contingent on the volume of marketing work you need support on.

deep travel industry knowledge

You can rest assured that your TIMA team has many years of experience developing successful agency-facing campaigns.

award-winning creative

With more than 20 Travel Weekly Magellan Awards and many more from outside the travel trades, we’ll fill your shelves with trophies in no time. Your clients will love that!

Want to talk to a human before deciding?

No problem, we love to chat.

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