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Do you know how much your B2B marketing strategy could be worth?

The travel industry has experienced more change in the last 2 years than the last 10 combined. Engagement with travel advisors is all the more critical for your destination or product’s success and profitability, while at the same time the space has grown more fragmented. Consider:


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The two largest influencers for agents to make product recommendations is Brand Reputation and their personal Knowledge of the product.

Travel advisors can be the strongest and most effective advocates for your brand.

Despite being the largest channel, most marketing budgets funnel towards B2C campaigns meaning significantly higher ROIs on well targeted B2B marketing activities.

Is your B2B strategy geared towards the needs of today’s market? How do you know your co-op dollars are driving ROI?

Estimates show that the number of travel advisors in America exceeds more than 100,000 and has grown despite the pandemic. However, the sales volume of each advisor may range from as low as $10,000 in annual sales to 10’s of millions. This matters because travel agencies remain the largest sales channel for the US Travel Market representing 30% of all sales. Whether your focused on the top producers or want to develop a strategy for the long-tail, many of the attributes are the same:


How TIMA can help

TIMA partners across the travel industry with Consortia, Host Agencies, and Stand-alone agencies to provide marketing services to help them reach more customers more effectively. Through our partnerships we can help you reach more than 50K agents including many from the top Host and Consortia. We pair these services with the needs of travel suppliers and DMOs to offer services ranging from:

1. Brand Awareness and Education

2. Managed Lead Builds and Database Re-Engagement for agents

3. Online Product and Content Presence

We Create Powerful Campaigns Designed to Drive More Transactions From Both Consumer and Travel Agency Sales Channels.

Featured Supplier to Agent Campaigns

Reasons to Choose TIMA


Insights to make sure you are engaging with the right advisors


The tools to ensure seamless execution of your campaigns adhering to any brand requirements


Reporting and analytics to measure ROI

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Lead Generation

Use Facebook advertising to generate new leads and let automated drip emails increase engagement and convert sales!

Email Marketing

Let us create a beautiful, engaging newsletter program for your business that keeps your existing customers engaged.

Social Media Management

Inspiration, Information, and Offer is the key to curate and convert your social subscribers.  Let TIMA manage your social media site so you can focus on selling travel!


From easy brochure websites to fully dynamic sites highlighting your destinations and suppliers, we have the right options to create a dramatic web presence!