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We spent this week in Billings, Montana meeting with hundreds of the world’s top travel bloggers, journalists, photographers, and content creators at TBEX North America.

We kicked off the week with a reception at Henry’s Garage, a vintage car and neon sign shop loaded with the kind of charm and character that inspires the millions of followers earned by the more than 400 social media experts in attendance.

Renown magician, mentalist, and star of the upcoming Fool Us with Penn and Teller, Denny Corby, wowed the crowd with his usual brand of jaw-dropping magic and side-splitting comedy while the crowed mixed, mingled, and talked shop.

Maggie Fischer, TIMA’s CEO had this to say:

“This was the perfect opportunity to introduce hundreds of the most talented content creators out there to the possibilities of new partnerships with travel agencies and brands. While many of them drive revenues through referrals and affiliate partnerships, many were largely unaware and very excited about the possibilities that collaboration with travel agencies can bring. Needless to say, we’ve got an entirely new and exciting alternative to the status quo in travel marketing brewing!”

After several days of meetings, speed dating, and incredible educational sessions, Kulin Strimbu, TIMA’s Chief Operational Officer and Head of Sales presented a final session on the power of Travel Industry Partnerships and educated the room on how their skills can make a meaningful impact on the marketing efforts of travel agents and suppliers across our industry.

Kulin commented on TIMA’s go-forward plan after the event:

“We can’t wait to continue to nurture the connection between these two powerful groups. We’re perfectly positioned to help both the content creators and agencies grow their reach and evolve their approach to marketing as we move forward. It’s the perfect time to connect their skill sets and watch both of their businesses grow.”

Membership growth has been keeping a steady pace across both the travel agency and travel content creator segments, increasing by more than 150% month over month since the company launched in May.

TIMA’s next event will be the Travel Agent Forum being held in Cancun from October 2-5 at the Moon Palace Resort.

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