Top 5 Benefits of Group Travel

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Group travel is a common term used to describe a travel experience shared between anywhere from 10-15 people. Typically, “groups” are offered by travel professionals, and led by a tour guide or group leader.

Traveling as part of a group tour does not mean you share rooms, or anything other than the fact that you’re all experiencing the same itinerary together. This can create an increased sense of security and overall well-being, especially when traveling to a destination where you may not speak the language or are experiencing a vastly different culture.

Here are a few more reasons that group travel may be the perfect way to experience your next travel adventure:


You'll Make New Friends

There’s nothing like the friends you meet while traveling. You’ll all have an almost unlimited number of things to see, discuss, and experience together, creating an opportunity for lifelong friendships. The memories you create with your group may end up being the best part of your trip!

You'll Hear New Perspectives

Your group may have participants who have been in a particular destination before, and can share their experiences and expertise with you that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. This can enrich your experiences, answer questions, and even invoke a sense of adventure you may miss otherwise. You’ll also see the world from many angles, not just your own, which in itself can be a very rewarding experience.

You'll Gain Peace of Mind

Traveling in an unfamiliar destination, no matter how beautiful, can be unsettling when you’re traveling alone. Moving through a destination as part of a larger group creates a sense of security and safety, even if there is nothing to worry about. It’s just one more thing to consider, and elicits different feelings for everyone.

You'll Probably Save Money

When your travel professional creates an itinerary and secures your reservations for accomodations, tours, activities, and even meals, it will create a cost savings when they are able to guarantee a larger number of guests. That savings can translate into lower costs for you!

You'll Become a Better Traveler

It’s inevitable that traveling with a group will expose you to a new world of travel tips, methods, and even inspiration to visit destinations you may not have considered otherwise. Observing how others travel and experience new places will help shape your own ideas and approaches – making you a more educated, confident travel in the future!


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