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5 Marketing Tools All Travel Entrepreneurs Need Now

We’ve identified the top marketing tools powering some of the best entrepreneurial businesses out there.

Many offer free starter accounts and extensive training, so it’s perfect for those without a ton of time to learn new tech. We use all of these at TIMA, so we’ve definitely done our homework here.

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Travel Industry Marketing Association

is the first travel industry organization dedicated to, and driven by marketing. We are on a mission to provide the education, tools, and support travel professionals in every segment of the industry need to promote and grow their brands.

1. Canva

  • Create, Customize, and Manage Professional Marketing Pieces
  • Provides Tools for Print and Web
  • Provides Free Basic Account
  • Full Functionality is $119 Per Year
  • Thousands of Free Assets to Use, Professional Assets are $1 Each

Canva is one of the best designed toolkits for anyone who needs to be able to product high-quality, professional marketing pieces. You don’t need a degree in design or computer science to use it – its simple drag-and-drop interface and in-app access to thousands of templates, photos, fonts, illustrations, and more make it a must-have for any business owner.

TIMA Training Offered: YES

Product Page: www.canva.com

2. Promo.com

  • Create Professional Short Videos to Promote Your Services
  • Basic Account is $49 Per Month
  • Provides Service & Support
  • Thousands of Free Clips to Use
  • Free to Try With No Credit Card Required

Let’s face it – video sells. Video also makes it easy to explain a process, or convey how awesome a destination or experience is. This product lets you quickly and easily create compelling marketing, training, and promotional videos in minutes, adding some real fire power to your marketing arsenal. If you’ve ever paid to have custom video created, then you know this price can’t be beat for the quality it puts out.

TIMA Training Offered: YES

Product Page: www.promo.com

3. MailChimp

  • Create Professional Emails
  • Publish Landing Pages to Promote Specific Offers
  • Marketing CRM
  • Extensive Training & Support

If you want to start creating more professional emails, start a newsletter, or take better care in ensuring that your email marketing and social media are in sync, MailChimp is an extremely powerful, yet affordable product that anyone can use. The interface is simple, easy to use, and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Importing your existing lists is a snap.

TIMA Training Offered: YES

Product Page: www.mailchimp.com

4. TailorBrands

  • Create A Professional Logo in Minutes
  • Preview Your Logo on Materials
  • Get Print and Web Files Easily
  • Try Multiple Designs Without Cost

As someone whose grandchildren will be paying off the student loans that it took to get my degree in design, this product scared the heck out of me at first. It basically asks you some questions and shows you some styles to gain an understanding of your preferences, and then spit out lots of options you can choose from, test drive them on materials, and basically replace what used to be a weeks long process (or more) with a professional designer. At .00009% of the cost. The product is incredible and can save you a ton of time and money. But you didn’t hear that from me. Sigh.

TIMA Training Offered: YES

Product Page: www.tailorbrands.com

5. DropBox

  • Store Important Documents and Assets in the Cloud
  • Access Your Stuff From Anywhere
  • 30 Day Free Trial + Flexible Packages That Scale
  • Secure Your Clients Information

This one is not quite as sexy as the others, but no matter how slick and beautiful your marketing looks, if you screw up and accidentally compromise your clients’ data or you take forever getting your stuff together to present ideas or follow up with them, your brand will be nicely toasted in a matter of minutes. And all that hard work will be for nothing. DropBox is an affordable, secure, and professional way to move your files to a central, well-oiled machine that will protect you from a number of things that are so scary I’ll just let you peruse their site to learn more.

TIMA Training Offered: YES

Product Page: www.dropbox.com

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