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Welcome to the Travel Show Marketing Group and Travel Industry Marketing Association ELEVATE Webinar Series! 


ELEVATE is an ongoing, global education initiative, created with the intention of building better partnerships and solid communications between brands, destinations, and travel sellers around the world.  We take the concept of webinars to the next level by combining information and education with relevant and useful sales and marketing tools.  Our focus is on providing the best education, information, organization, and resources to help build and grow every business.  ELEVATE is the only global webinar series that offers daily events, strategically  planned to coincide with established consumer purchase patterns. 


We invite you to join the series that delivers the perfect promotion, timing, tools, and technology.  It’s time to ELEVATE your webinar experience.

Travel Advisor Registration

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Suppliers: Host A Webinar

Are you interested in promoting your brand or destination, driving more traffic from travel advisors, and converting more visits to sales?

We invite you to learn more about our Elevate Webinar Series, the first webinar series to combine training, education, marketing, and sales tools. Click to learn more, and to reserve your date and time today!

Suppliers: Need More Information?

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Each Webinar Includes Marketing Tools and Downloads for Agents!

Social media tools featuring the supplier or destination in the webinar

That’s right! TIMA will create social media images for EVERY host and topic, and pass them along to webinar attendees for use on social media sites, on websites, or in e-marketing!

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