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Winning the Pinterest Game for Lead Generation

Are you currently using Pinterest to generate leads for your travel business? If you haven’t considered it – maybe it’s time to take a closer look.

Today’s travel marketplace is led by inspiration. People want authentic, unique experiences that lead them closer to the culture they’re immersing themselves in. They want that destination wedding to be a beautiful blend of their own personality and of the local atmosphere. They want to learn something new. They want to be wowed.

And that’s exactly where you need to meet them. Pinterest has become a global platform for inspiration as well as information. Pinterest users are seeking a place to visualize and sort out their ideas, share them, and find experts who can make their dreams come to life.  

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What Exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest currently has more than 200 million users, making this one of the most powerful platforms out there. It’s unique in its ability to display thousands of user-generated “boards” or collections of images, products, ideas, and more. They’re searchable, sharable, buyable, and incredibly well organized. What does that mean for your business?

It allows you to reach audiences based on their interests – even if they aren’t directly aligned with what you offer (yet). For example, you can create a board that focuses on beautiful venues for a destination wedding, and feature properties you know and trust. That way, when wedding planners and brides-to-be are searching, they’ll find your content and then discover that ultimately you can help them plan and book that destination. So, their search began as a simple search of beautiful venues (NOT a travel agent) and look where they ended up – as a lead for you because they found your content.

The Potential: By the Numbers

Pinterest users are twice as likely to report that their time on this platform was “well-spent”, while over on Facebook, 42% of Americans reported having to “take a break” from Facebook in 2018. More than two-thirds of Pinterest users (Pinners) surveyed in 2019 stated that they have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest, and about 93% of Pinners use the network to plan purchases.

According to Pew Research, 83% of US women ages 25 – 54 can be reached through Pinterest. What is interesting in this 83% is that only 41% of American women report using Pinterest – So where is that other 42%? The thought behind that, is that the other 42% are reached through Google’s image search: Pinterest-based images dominate the search results on Google.

So keep in mind – Just because someone may not follow you directly, there is a tremendous chance that they can still see your images even as a “non” Pinterest user. 

And it isn’t just the ladies. 50% of all new sign-ups in 2018 were men. Currently Pinterest is reporting that 38% of all American dads are Pinterest users. 

Pinterest users spend more money on average, when compared to other online visual networks. This alone goes to show that there are a ton of potential leads just waiting for you! 


Pinterest Users Who Report That They Use It To Plan Purchases


US Women Aged 25-54 Can Be Reached Via Pinterest and Google Images


Number of New Account Signups Who Were Men in 2018

Setting up a Pinterest Business Profile

If you have not yet set up a business profile for Pinterest, make that your first step. You simply aren’t able to market your business on this platform properly without first setting up a business account. For those in the influencer community there can be overlap here in personal and business profiles; however, it is still important to have an established business profile where visitors should be directed primarily.

You will need to confirm your website domain with Pinterest, as well as add any other accounts you may have, i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

It’s The Best Environment to Place Lead Magnets for Travel. Hands Down.

Pinterest Posts are incredibly powerful lead magnets. A lead magnet is essentially a piece of relevant content that provides value to your potential lead. So if you’re looking to grow your destination wedding leads, for example, you’d post something that will be attractive to someone who is about to plan one. Here’s what that process looks like:

Create The Lead Magnet

You create a 1-pager with a list of 5 destinations that are ideal for a destination wedding with an enchanted garden feel. It’s a simple list with some beautiful pictures, valuable information, and of course your complete contact information.

Create the Creative

You create a matching “Pin” that gets placed on Pinterest with the perfect lead-in: “Top Destinations for an Enchanted Garden Wedding” and post it to Pinterest.

The Search & The Click

Millions of people seeking travel and destination wedding inspiration will happen upon this, and become intrigued by what you’re about to teach them. So they click the pin.

The Form

4. They are then led to a landing page that collects the lead’s first name, last name, and email address and lets them know that their 1-pager will be emailed to them.

A Lead Is Born!

5. You’ve just collected a lead and delivered to them a valuable piece of content that establishes you and your brand as a subject matter expert! This then kicks off a number of marketing campaigns including an email campaign, etc.

Pinterest Terminology to Know

When you decide to dive into Pinterest, one of the first things that may frustrate you is the need to know and understand some key phrases so that you can feel comfortable with the choices you make when posting content.

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Here are the basics:

Pins + Re-Pins

Pins are the foundation of Pinterest. Think of them as your posts. They are the content that you are either “pinning” to a board, or they are the pieces of content you are seeing out there and want to save to a board. 

A Re-Pin is a pin that someone else posted. If you are interested in it, you may “Re-Pin” it by sharing it to one of your boards and in turn to your following. It’s just like a Facebook share or a re-tweet. Having people “Re-Pin” your content is a fantastic way to build your following.

    Rich Pins

    Rich pins have additional details associated with them. They are especially useful when you are pinning a product that has a price. For example, if you were to create a pin about a particular group you’re trying to fill, you would include the price. You can then edit that price to show a reduction if you wanted to.

    That kind of additional content can result in a much higher click rate. (According to Get Elastic one study found Pins with prices get 36% more likes than those without. Target saw a 70% increase in Pinterest referrals after enabling Rich Pins).

    • Place Pins include a map, address, and phone number.
    • Article Pins include headline, author, and story description. 
    • Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times, and serving information.
    • Movie Pins include ratings, cast members, and reviews.


    Boards are just like a cork board in real life. This is where you gather your Pins and sort them by topic or audience. Some examples of boards would be “Top Destination Wedding Destinations” or “Important Travel Tips” or “Our Favorite Hotels”. You want to keep the topics travel-related, because remember the entire point here is to attract new eyeballs to your brand and give them valuable content in the process. Make sure your boards are public, and make sure anything personal or political is either private or on your personal account. Do not make the mistake of mixing business and personal here, it will come back to bite you.

      Likes + Followers

      The goal is to build engagement on Pinterest. That means gaining followers and having your content re-pinned and shared. Likes are ok, and it’s a small piece of engagement, but it’s very passive and certainly doesn’t count as a lead. It’s like wink from someone walking by. It’s nice, but doesn’t mean a whole lot.

      The Wrap Up

      It’s clear that Pinterest should be a part of your digital marketing strategy. No matter how the popularity of Facebook and Instagram ebb and flow, Pinterest is a solid brand with a steady user base who is there for the express purpose of socializing their purchase ideas. There is almost no better place to inspire and educate on travel and your offerings as a seller or content creator.

      What are you waiting for?

      Start your Pinterest Business Account today

      You could have your account set up in minutes, and then take some time to experiment and play with the system. Enjoy it!

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